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Leaving a Legacy

For almost 100 years, members of our community have worked – and sometimes struggled – to maintain the Sharon Temple National Historic Site as a vibrant, living monument to the social, political and architectural history of this country.

By choosing to give a gift to The Sharon Temple Museum Society, you can help ensure the Temple continues its tradition as a beacon of social justice and political equality. Donations may be for a specific purpose or can be pooled into an ever-growing, permanent endowment fund and only the earnings generated through investment are distributed in the form of grants. Your gift will continue to give in perpetuity.

Your planned gift to The Sharon Temple Museum Society can take many forms:

  • Making a gift to the Sharon Temple in your will through cash, publicly traded stocks, bonds, stock options, or mutual funds.

  • Establishing a Named Endowment Fund as a permanent investment fund at the museum.

  • Naming The Sharon Temple Museum Society as a beneficiary in a retirement plan or life insurance policy.

The Sharon Temple Museum Society is happy to discuss your estate plans. However, as your situation is unique, we encourage you to consult with your personal financial and legal advisors before including the museum in your will.

If you already have a will, it’s not too late to add a bequest. For a small legal fee, you can add a codicil, or an amendment, to your existing will. Again, we advise you to contact your lawyer or financial advisor for more information.

If you are considering or have made the decision to make a planned gift to The Sharon Temple Museum Society, please contact us to arrange a meeting with a member of our Board of Directors and Executive Director at 905-409-6816 or

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