Doan Day

Sunday, August 18th, 2019 - 2 pm

The public is invited to attend a unique historical event that examines the life of an early Canadian pioneer and the physical story he left behind. 2019 marks the 200th anniversary of the construction of Doan House, located on the grounds of the Sharon Temple National Historic Site in Sharon, Ont. The home reflects Germanic and British architectural traditions that were imported to Upper Canada from the Pennsylvania frontier by American settlers.

A live interview with the master builder

Master builder of Doan House and Sharon Temple, Ebenezer Doan saw hardship, armed rebellion, and the dawn of Confederation. He journeyed from Bucks County, Penn. with his family in 1808 and carved a homestead out of the bush north of the City of York. Doan was an original member of the Children of Peace, a breakaway Quaker sect founded by religious and political leader David Willson. Members of the sect, including Ebenezer’s nephew Jesse, were jailed for their role in the 1837 Rebellion motivated by frustrations over political reform.

A Witness to History, Ebenezer Doan will be interviewed before a live audience on the grounds of the buildings he designed and erected. The interviewer is Ottawa journalist and historical documentary producer Holly Doan, a direct descendant of Ebenezer. The public is invited to bring lawn chairs and blankets and listen to a first-person narrative that captures the earliest days of Ontario and Canadian history.

Immediately following the presentation, guides will welcome guests to the Sharon Burying Ground to visit the resting place of Ebenezer Doan, David Willson and other members of the Children of Peace.

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