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Music in Sharon

Learn From Home Activity

"Musick requires much devotion of time and preparatory exercise to perform it respectably on publick occasions"

Archives of Ontario, Davidite Records, Series A, Vol. 1

Background Information

One of the greatest differences between the Quakers and the Children of Peace was the inclusion of music in their meetings and celebrations. Music would eventually become such a deeply connected part of the Children of Peace and their Meetings that they would refer to their First Meeting House (1819-1893) as "The Music Hall", and most notably they would be responsible for creating the first civilian band in Canada.  

None of this, however, would be possible without the

vision of David Willson and the musical skill of Richard Coates. Coates was responsible for building and programming the first barrel organ in Ontario. The barrel organ dates to the 1820s and is operated by turning a handle and pumping air into bellows to activate the pins. "Pins" can be understood as plotted notes used to play a variety of religious and secular hymns. Want to see it in person? Visit the Museum this summer and see the barrel organ on display in the Temple. 

First Meeting House..jpg

By 1829 a number of members of the Children of Peace became skilled musicians with the ability to play instruments including a concert horn, violincelloes, clarinets, German flutes, octave flutes, a bassoon, a violin and a flageolet. There was also a group of 6 to 8 singers. Musicians and vocalists would climb Jacob's Ladder (with their large instruments strapped to their backs) and perform from the second storey of the Temple. Allowing members to only hear the performers resulted in a celestial, heavenly sound coming directly from above. 

Curriculum Connections

The Arts - Grade 1: Visual Arts - D1: Creating and Presenting (D1.1)

The Arts - Grade 3: Music - C1: Creating and Performing (C1.1)

Science and Technology - Grade 1: Understanding Matter and Energy: Energy in Our Lives - 2. Developing Investigation and Communication Skills (2.3)

Social Studies - Grade 2: Strand A. Heritage and Identity: Changing Family and Community Traditions (A1, A2)


The Children of Peace used lots of instruments that are no longer found in traditional bands. Use this step-by-step guide and follow the instructions to create your own guitar. 



Box (Shoebox, Cereal Box, Tissue Box, etc.)

Elastic bands (4 - 5)

Straw (cut in half) or popsicle sticks (x2)

Paper towel tube




Decorating materials (markers, paint and paint brushes, stickers, glitter glue, etc.)


1. Have an adult cut an oval shaped hole in the top of the shoebox. You can also use a cereal box or tissue box.

2. Stretch a few rubber bands (4 - 5, depending on the side of your box) around the box and over the opening. 

3. Glue or tape half of a cut straw or popsicle sticks under the elastic bands on both ends near the opening.

4. Tape the paper towel tube to the front/top side of the box. 

5. Decorate, paint, colour or add stickers to your guitar - be creative and make it unique!

6. Don't forget to show us what you created - follow us on social media (@SharonTemplenhs), tag us and use the hashtag #STLearnFromHome!

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