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Available for all ages
Visit our heritage inspired gardens
Refreshments available
Sharon Temple
Inside the Temple
Tours available May to October
Learn about the history of music
Looking for that perfect outing for your social group or organization?

Look no further! The Sharon Temple National Historic Site and Museum is the ideal place for you.

Step 1 - Pick Your Themed Tour

  • Art and Music

  • Architecture 

  • Democracy and Community

  • Farming and Horticulture

Step 2 - Choose Your Package

1) Tour - $5 per person, includes:

  • A guided tour of the Sharon Temple.

  • Access to the other heritage buildings and grounds.

2) Snack Tour - $15 per person, includes:

  • Tour package plus,

  • Light refreshments including sweet and savory treats, and beverages.

3) Lunch Tour - $20 per person, includes:

  • Tour package plus,

  • Lunch featuring sandwiches, salads, dessert and beverages.

Step 3 - Book With Us!

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