Drive Shed, Lean-To & Granary


The Drive Shed, Lean-To and Granary, known collectively as the "Outbuildings" also belonged to the property owned by Ebenezer Doan.


The drive shed and lean-to, built in 1818, were used to store his carriages and assorted tools, as they are today. Ebenezer Doan’s buggy carried him and his family on the long journey from Pennsylvania to Upper Canada. It is said that before leaving the United States, he cut a crop out of a poplar stick to keep the cow moving. When he arrived in Upper Canada, he stuck the stick in the ground, where it took root. Today, many poplar trees still grow on the original site of Ebenezer Doan’s farm.


Another outbuilding was the granary, built in the 1830’s. As a farmer, Ebenezer Doan kept lots of livestock, both for food and for labor. This meant a good portion of his crops would have had to go to the livestock; once harvested, it was stored in the granary.

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